What is JavaScript?

Much like the recently discussed Python language, JavaScript has become one of the most used and recognizable coding languages of our time and has successfully sealed its place as one of the top programming languages in the last decades. In this blog post, we are going to discuss how JavaScript was created, what it is used for, and the benefits of becoming a developer who uses the language in today’s exciting tech world.

The History of the JavaScript Programming Language

After launching the legendary Mosaic web browser in 1993, a team of developers who worked on the project decided to branch out and start their own business. Netscape was founded and only a year later launched the Netscape Navigator web browser. Limitations to appearance and functionality were a common theme in the early days of the World Wide Web. The Netscape Navigator team was determined to be the ones who changed that, ultimately leading to the creation of JavaScript in 1995. JavaScript quickly became the solution to advancing the overall appearance and interaction possibilities to websites to evolve static pages to have dynamic capabilities. The success of the code triggered a massive wave of impressed users and quickly allowed the Netscape Navigator to be the most used web browser available at the time.

As time went on, JavaScript became an industry standard and was no longer exclusive to just the single origin web browser. As of 2019, a reported 1.52 billion websites are using JavaScript.

What is JavaScript used for?

JavaScript’s main functions are primarily attributed to the interactive behavior on web pages. Even though the primary focus starting out was adding those dynamic options, it has evolved into a more well-rounded programming language that has found multiple uses in the modern tech age.

Here’s the 3 main ways JavaScript is used by developers:

1. Allowing Websites to Become Interactive Through Dynamic Features

Before JavaScript, web pages were simple static pages. Developers would create web pages with HTML and CSS, but were met with severe limitations. It was also very dull and offered limited experiences for users to enjoy. JavaScript is the backbone to what the modern web sites are capable of by what the programming language is able to achieve – here’s a few examples of how JavaScript is used today:

  • Playing a video on a website
  • Button clicks
  • Menu interactions 

2. Creates a Reliable Backend Infrastructure

In 2009, an open-source back-end runtime environment was introduced to the world of code named Node.js. This environment was created to focus on the server side of web sites using JavaScript as the groundwork. Node.js can assist in modifying data in a website database easily, collect form data, and manage files on a server in detail.

Since its introduction, Node.js has become the most popular JavaScript companion for developers to use. Recent reports show it is used by at least 30 million websites.

3. Game Development

JavaScript is one of the main programming languages that game developers use to create browser games. The extensive JavaScript framework library offers plenty of options for game creators to build off of as a solid starting point. These 2D and 3D in-browser games have become an introduction to inspiring game creators over the years who are interested in game development but prefer a way to ease into the skill.

Why Learn JavaScript in 2022?

Learning JavaScript is an absolute must for any inspiring web developer in 2022 and beyond. The programming language is an industry standard and is one of the top skills that is required in almost all web development job roles. The base language is also very beginner friendly and easy to grow your skills over time with more complex creations by combining code and introducing one of the many frameworks available.

Another huge benefit is the job market. Upward growth in the industry is a guarantee as the demand for developers is currently outpacing the number of people able to do the roles. Technology is moving faster than ever in history. Learning a top programming language is incredibly important to launch your career in code. For any hopeful web developers or full stack developers, JavaScript is the perfect starting point to begin that journey.

How to Learn JavaScript

As mentioned already in this blog post, JavaScript is an all-around great programming language to start with if you have desires of launching a career as a web developer or simply want to have the skillset. It’s easy to pick up and is a fantastic option for laying your coding knowledge groundwork since there’s so much you are capable of building off of the vanilla language.

Obtaining industry standard coding knowledge may present uncertain obstacles. For beginners and even code veterans. Having a clear understanding of what is being taught to you is a guaranteed way to find the most success. That’s why devCodeCamp’s online coding bootcamp puts such a heavy focus on making sure that all students are taught those industry standard programming languages in an understanding and supporting classroom setting. In only a handful of weeks, you are able to obtain the coding skillsets to make you hirable in a professional developer role. In a single course over the span of only a few weeks, you will become comfortable with languages such as JavaScript, Node.js, and other top skills necessary for web developers in 2022.

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