A Chat with Admissions: devCodeCamp’s First Steps Towards a Career

Whenever someone requests more information about devCodeCamp, that request is immediately sent to the Admissions team to begin their process with you. A simple phone call or email easily helps you schedule a no commitment virtual information presentation to discuss our bootcamp and the overall industry in detail. The Admissions team is the “frontline” communications and the first point of contact every future student speaks with. The purpose for this part of a students’ journey is to lead them off with their best foot forward ahead of starting one of our online coding bootcamp courses. Making it a top priority that each person is directly assisted in these big starting steps and is equipped with the most knowledge possible as they transition into being one of our newest coding bootcamp students.

In this newest devCodeCamp Podcast episode, we sat down with our very own Carrie Moody. Carrie is the Director of Admissions and plays a key part in not only the students’ success in these starting steps, but the success of the team overall, as well. She is responsible for overseeing the processes used daily to maintain relevance and mold each team member into their individual excellence.

For Carrie, it’s all about the success of each person she speaks to…

“My favorite part is when Paul and Lauren [devCodeCamp’s Career Services] announce those jobs. I often, almost every single time say, ‘Wait a second…The were just in my Zoom meeting room yesterday it seems like,’ and it brings me back to the conversations we had and the discovery of their goals and the things that they want to do…That’s my favorite part. Because then I’m like, ‘Wow. They did it. Just like I told them that they could and I’m just so proud.’ I have a lot of big sister moments at that time,” Carrie spoke about with enthusiasm.

The devCodeCamp’s Admissions team is designed to give you knowledge and support from the first conversation to the last conversation. We understand it’s such a pivotal moment in your life and our Admissions experts are ready to make the process as easy as possible to keep the main overarching goal in the forefront: Launching your career in code and changing your entire future.

To hear the full conversation with Carrie, open up your favorite podcast app or head over to our Youtube channel.