Is devCodeCamp Legit?

If you’ve spent a lot of time on the internet at any point over the last 25 years, then you know firsthand how if something seems “too good to be true” — then you’re probably right most of the time. The modern landscape of the internet is littered with clickbait and a nice handful of half-truths. These tactics have evolved as more people become more knowledgeable on what should constitute a red flag while surfing the web. That skepticism is a solid trait to have to stay on your toes in order to steer clear of any potential shady intentions hidden in plain sight.

devCodeCamp’s online coding bootcamp takes hopeful adult students who want to break into tech as a developer and gives them the relevant skills to achieve that in only a handful of weeks compared to a traditional 4-year degree. On the surface, this seems like it could fall into that referenced “too good to be true” pile. That’s why we wanted to create a blog post dedicated to the facts and proof that our coding bootcamp is an entirely legitimate way to launch a career in code and change your life in the process.

How is devCodeCamp Legit? 

devCodeCamp is highly rated online

Since coding bootcamps have become more mainstream in the last handful of years, websites dedicated to finding the best options in the category have become more popular, as well. Review websites that completely focus on the coding bootcamp genre exists in order to support research and give insight.

Not only is devCodeCamp a coding bootcamp that has reviews from real graduates on these review sites, but we also have obtained awards over the years based on the review scoring we maintain.

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How devCodeCamp is rated:

  • Course Report: 4.78/5 average rating
  • Career Karma: 4.9/5 average rating
  • SwitchUp: 4.88/5 average rating
  • Bootcamp Rankings: 10/10 average rating

devCodeCamp has a large list of alumni

devCodeCamp was founded in 2015 and has been consistently teaching students how to code across the entirety of the 7 years. In 2020, devCodeCamp went 100% online and has allowed students from all over to pursue a career in code and change their lives.

Our graduates from across the years are still active in the community we have developed in a large network pool found on social media and Slack. A number of our alumni members still show gratitude through offering advice and mentorship to new students entering courses. These graduates can be found sprinkled throughout our social media profiles and alumni spotlight videos highlighting some of their success stories.

devCodeCamp has graduates working full-time in top tech today

The entire model of coding bootcamps are anchored at how fast you are able to learn the skillsets you need to launch a career in code. The timeframe is notably only a percentage of the time it would take to go through a 4-year college option. A common question surrounding bootcamps is if students are able to actually learn top programming languages and launch a career in code in such a small amount of time. When it comes to devCodeCamp, the answer is a strong yes.

devCodeCamp has graduates who entered our online software and online web development classes with little to no previous coding knowledge and are now working in top technology companies such as Facebook, Amazon, HubSpot, IBM, Rocket Mortgage, Deloitte, JPMorgan Chase & Co., Infosys, and much more.

To see a glimpse into where our recent graduates are working, make sure to check out our recent student success blog posts.

“I went from working in janitorial work for almost a decade, with minimal development/coding experiences, to accepting a job at a Fortune 500 company as a Full Stack Engineer.” – Jake G. via Course Report

devCodeCamp is a well-known name in coding bootcamps

devCodeCamp has become a leading name in online coding bootcamps with 7-years of classes, hundreds of high rated reviews online, alumni launching successful careers, and continued monthly success stories. It’s easy to find information online or to bump into a recent post on your social media newsfeed of one of our alumni members. Industry leading websites such as Career Karma have written entire articles deep diving into the devCodeCamp structure and story. Our company name is one that shows up time and time again when discussing coding bootcamps and as you’ve previously read in this post – there’s a good reason for that.

devCodeCamp is Here for Your Success

Our online bootcamp is dedicated to you entirely. From the first point of contact leading up to celebrating one of our graduates landing a career in code, we are here for your success.

Whenever you fill out a form to discuss next steps, devCodeCamp’s admission team is who you meet first in your journey. When speaking to our admissions team, you will get a better understanding of the devCodeCamp difference as they discuss details into the courses, industry, and relevant statistics. While going through one of our courses, you will interact with our expert team of full-time coding instructors who will be the driving force behind getting your new hirable skillsets as a near future developer. They are there to teach you in a personable setting, motivate and support you, and make sure you stay on track towards the finish line. After graduation, devCodeCamp’s career services team helps maximize your success with resume writing, workshops, interview preparation, Demo Day planning and hosting, and much more. The career services team helps your new talents as a developer shine as bright as it can for exciting job opportunities that may come your way like plenty of our alumni members now.

If you truly want to see if devCodeCamp is legit, then simply talk to us! We are ready to show you why our coding bootcamp is the reason so many adults searching for higher education options pursues a career in code through our classes. We are here for your success and ready to celebrate with you at the end. Reach out now to start your journey in code with devCodeCamp.