Coding Bootcamps vs 4-Year College

If you’ve decided you want to pursue a career in code, there are some options available for you on how to get those skillsets properly — online or in person. In the last decade, coding bootcamps have entered these conversations more and more as they have become a legitimate path for hopeful adult learners wanting to break into the tech industry. But there’s still plenty of people who may not fully understand the benefits of enrolling into a coding bootcamp versus going for a traditional four-year college degree. In this blog post, we are going to give insight into what the main differences and benefits are of a coding bootcamp against a 4-year degree so you’re able to hopefully walk away confident in the next steps you take towards your career in code.

devCodeCamp’s Coding Bootcamp vs College: Differences and Benefits


One of the most notable big differences is how much money you will be spending to get the same skills. In a traditional 4-year college you need to account for the potential classes, boarding, commute, supplies, textbooks, equipment, and many more unexpected fees that will almost guarantee pop up along the way. In a coding bootcamp, you can set these worries to the side and get those same skillsets compared to being responsible to cover 4 years of classes in order to get you there.


Along with the cost, the timeframe it takes to get hirable and relevant skills in code is usually among one of the largest comparisons. At devCodeCamp, course lengths begin at 13 weeks long. Meaning from your first class to your last class, it only takes weeks compared to years.

Because our coding bootcamp courses are built in-house from the ground up, we have made it a top priority to constantly adapt what we teach to allow you to graduate with the most hirable skillsets in today’s tech environment. Technology is advancing so quickly, the code does also in order to keep up. If you were to pursue a career in coding from a 4-year college, by the time you reach graduation, those starting lesson plans you mastered in your first year could not even be something used in the industry anymore. Four years is an eternity in an industry as quick as tech. It simply doesn’t make sense to dedicate four years to becoming a developer compared to 13 weeks to get the same skillsets.

The timeframe difference also allows you to get a head start on your career. The amount of growth in a company that’s possible to achieve over the course of four years is astounding. By the time you learn how to code, land a job role in tech, and move up the ranks over those four years…you may find yourself being the team leader for someone who started to learn how to code at the same time as you but only now entering the industry.


A common misconception is that coding bootcamp graduates are not qualified for the same pay or job roles as someone with a 4-year degree. The fact is, this is entirely untrue!

Our alumni members can be found in massive tech companies such as Amazon, Facebook, HubSpot, IBM, Deloitte, and many more. These graduates in most cases had no prior experience in code before joining our bootcamp. But yet they can now be found on teams across the country with that high salary and job titles that you would expect to find in top-tech.

The technology industry could be considered one of the most accepting markets for employees in the world. It doesn’t matter your age, your professional or personal background, how you learned to code, or how long you’ve been coding for. What matters the most is one thing – Are you able to get the job done? If that answer is yes, then you have the baseline qualifications to become a professional working developer in the field. If you have the skillsets and knowledge of code, those simple checkboxes can take you a lot further than you may expect. Regardless of how you obtained them.

Support System

A key benefit of devCodeCamp when compared to the traditional route is the support system you have starting with your very first meeting with our admissions team. As a student, you experience the motivation and feedback from instructors to teach you, assist you, and hold you accountable. Our entire bootcamp is measured and structured on the success you can achieve by the end of the journey. We don’t follow textbooks. We teach in a personable fashion that is understanding and relatable. After graduation, the option of participating in the Career Services portion of our bootcamp opens up to continue your journey to success.

Our online coding bootcamp is built with support engrained in the process. We understand everyone learns differently. That’s why we break the mold of clumping you together as a single class and treat each student as the individual you are.

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Ready to Launch a Career in Code?

We mentioned at the start of this blog how there’s multiple avenues to go down when pursuing a career in code. At devCodeCamp, we have one main question for you – Why wait?

In as soon as 13-weeks, you can obtain the skillsets you need to launch a career as a developer. We are excited to watch your success and growth like the countless graduates before you who were in the same position as you may be in right now. Reach out today to better understand the devCodeCamp difference and begin your path to changing your entire future.