A Student’s Journey at devCodeCamp’s Online Coding Bootcamp

If you’ve stumbled on coding bootcamps online and read just a tiny amount of information, then the basic concept of what they are should be easy to follow – You learn how to code in just a matter of weeks and get the skills needed to launch a career in code. Even though that is the high-level view of it, at devCodeCamp, a student’s journey from first point of contact to their first day as a professional developer is much more detailed. We wanted to take this time to make you familiar with our process so you can walk away at the end feeling confident that devCodeCamp’s online coding bootcamp is the right decision for you and your future.

What devCodeCamp Students Experience


The first step of every student’s journey is meeting with our Admissions team. Whenever a form is filled out anywhere on our website, one of our Admission team members is assigned to you immediately to guide you through any questions or concerns you may have leading up to your day one in our online class.

What happens when you fill out a form on devCodeCamp:

  • One of our Admission team members will reach out to you via email and phone
  • You will set up a time that’s best for you to attend an upcoming 30-minute virtual information session presentation
  • During the information session presentation, you will get specific insight into the devCodeCamp learning structure, relevant industry knowledge and statistics, course overview details, and have an opportunity to better understand the devCodeCamp difference and “secret sauce” that lands graduates’ jobs in code
  • After the information session, a one-on-one meeting will be scheduled with you to discuss next steps while being guided through the sign-up process to become an official devCodeCamp online coding bootcamp student

Our Admissions team is always the first step of the process and every team member is correctly equipped with the training and knowledge to get you signed up for one of our courses worry-free.

Online Coding Bootcamp

After meeting with Admissions and you are fully signed up for one of our online bootcamps, now it’s time to learn how to code!

Our bootcamp modules are built from the ground up in-house to make sure you are being taught the most relevant and accurate information to successfully launch a career. Our online coding classes are taught in an interactive and personable learning environment where our expert team of instructors keep you on track to cross the finish line.

“The instructors are the highlight of the course. I was always able to get a response from them and whenever I needed to bounce ideas from them, they would lead me in the right direction without actually giving me the answer (which I appreciate.) You get a sense of feeling that they want you to succeed as much as you do.” – Dominique S. via Course Report

At devCodeCamp, we completely understand that life is busy. Which is why our self-paced flex bootcamp was designed specifically for people who are unable to take one of our immersive full-time options. We believe the time you currently put towards important aspects of your life shouldn’t be sacrificed in order to better your future. Our flex courses give you an opportunity to complete devCodeCamp’s bootcamp on your own time. Your self-guided experience will be accompanied by our instructors who have crafted a detailed on-demand video library for you to take advantage of through each lesson module you complete. These videos were created specifically for our flex courses by our instruction team to allow you to benefit the most, without replacing that valuable time in your life.

Through weekly one-on-one meetings, review sessions, and guidance on your project work, our instructors are excited to be your support system through this journey.

Career Services

Once you graduate from our coding bootcamp, our career coaches are there to maximize your success potential. devCodeCamp’s career services team helps your new talents shine as you pursue a career in technology.

What does devCodeCamp’s career services do for full-time immersive students:

What does devCodeCamp’s career services do for self-paced flex students:

  • Offers Slack support Monday-Friday
  • Teaches you how to navigate the industry
  • Access to the devCodeCamp Alumni network
  • A video library of video resources including guides on resume writing, LinkedIn profile strategies, navigating the industry, how to conquer technical and non-technical interviews, and how to navigate job offers
  • Meet with Career Services to receive feedback on your resume and LinkedIn profile

A Career in Code

The main objective for devCodeCamp is to give you the skills you need to launch a career in code and change the course of your entire future. Every step of the journey as a student is crafted with that one goal in mind. After meeting with our Admissions team and signing up for one of our course options, graduate from our online bootcamp with the relevant skillsets, and go through our career services team to help lean into your exciting new coding talents…there’s only one thing left to do. It’s time to confidentially step into a new role and career as a professional developer.

No matter your personal or professional background, age, where you live, or what you believe you may be capable of – There have been plenty of devCodeCamp students in your exact position who went through our coding bootcamp, learned to learn, got the relevant skillsets they needed, and are now working in major tech companies such as Amazon, Facebook, HubSpot, IBM, Deloitte, and much more. It’s entirely possible and devCodeCamp has made it our mission to help get you there.

Reach out today if you are ready to begin your journey towards success with devCodeCamp. We are excited to watch you launch your career in code!