devCodeCamp Alumni Spotlight: Guiding Companies to Success Using Data

It didn’t take long for companies to start understanding the importance behind data. Running reports, closely tracking real-time numbers, and leaning into trend upticks to hit exciting new goals are all tactics you may find being used in most large companies. The days of throwing a dart at a board of ideas to see what route to take next are long gone. Data reveals itself to pave a clear path to go down based on recent past statistics. The insight these numbers give becomes incredibly valuable. So valuable, that the Data Analysis role was born from it with multiple data roles spawning from it as the years continued and the roles proved its value. Enter devCodeCamp graduate Jim Boston.

Jim is one of these “digital fortune tellers” who helps his company with insights, knowledge, and guidance all based on data. After graduating from devCodeCamp’s coding bootcamp, Jim took his new coding skills and the soft skills he learned during his time in the course and naturally fell into a Business Intelligence role that suited his career desires. Since graduating in 2016, he’s used his skills to steer his company into new and exciting territories fueled by data.

“[Data is] something that is going to be a bigger part of our lives…All the businesses and products and everything that we interact with, it’s all going to be driven more and more by data. There’s just more data out there [and] everything we’re using is generating more data. That’s not going to go away,” Jim said speaking about where data will fit into the future.

To get a better glimpse into the importance of data in today’s modern tech world and our coding bootcamp, catch devCodeCamp graduate Jim Boston’s full episode on your favorite podcast platform or our YouTube channel. If you are ready to get the skills you need to launch your career as a Data Analysis, then make sure to take note on our next Data Analytics Flex bootcamp start dates and read more information on how the course is designed for your most success. Reach out today to take that first step towards your new career in data!