devCodeCamp Alumni Spotlight: From Job Boredom to a Career with Amazon

At devCodeCamp, we often express how important it is to watch our coding bootcamp graduates launch their careers in code. It’s the main goal and priority we have in every step of the process starting on day one leading all the way up to after graduation. In our alumni spotlight interviews, we get the joy of revisiting these wins and highlighting some of the talent that has come out of our online coding bootcamp. We recently sat down with Michael Herman to speak about his personal experience going through our courses and the success he has achieved since then. Shortly after graduation, Michael landed a job at Amazon to help shape the future of big tech!

“This is my first developer role graduating from devCodeCamp,” Michael said speaking about his feelings going into big tech straight after graduating from our online coding bootcamp, “Being my first job in software development and to be able to be at a big tech company like Amazon, I mean…that’s an amazing opportunity. To be able to work alongside and learn from some of the most brilliant software engineers in the industry, that opportunity is great.”

Michael decided to pursue a career in code because he felt like his previous job was boring and lacked the challenges he wanted in his work life. He took the chance on himself and went all-in with devCodeCamp to make that career switch he craved.

“By the time I got to the Capstone [project], everything was clicking for me and it started to all come together. So, you just have to tell yourself to keep going,” Michael recalled his time during the course. And keep going is exactly what he did leading him to launching a bright future as a developer instantly.

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