How devCodeCamp’s Head of Instruction is Helping the Future of Code

When entering the devCodeCamp online coding bootcamp, there’s a handful of people and teams you interact with. The three main teams are Admissions, Instruction, and Career Services. Even if your time with each one is designed to add value towards your experience and long-term skillsets, the team you work the longest with is Instruction. The devCodeCamp instructors are the ones who give you support during the course, teach you how to code with a personal approach, and keep you on your steady path towards success and graduation. While each of these instructors you encounter all have impressive skillsets in teaching and coding, the team is fueled by the leadership, guidance, and knowledge of devCodeCamp’s Head of Instruction, Nevin Seibel.

Nevin’s personal coding story began with a mixture of two main things: inspiration from his developer father growing up and his early passion for video games. The two combined helped him to pursue video game development. But early on, he realized he leaned more into having an interest in the programming side of the game development and less of the art side. He saw that as a clear enough sign to change his direction and shifted directly into learning business development programming.

 With his personal coding ability, natural leadership qualities, and talent to make large difficult ideas consumable during the learning process, Nevin is highly skilled at what he does within the virtual devCodeCamp walls.

“…I feel an enormous amount of satisfaction in being able to be that person that can make the difference in these peoples’ lives. Throughout the three months, it might not seem like a lot of time. But I get to really know these students, where they came from, and what their own personal struggles are throughout the course. It’s amazing for me to see these people graduate, the joy on their face, and the sense of accomplishment that they have – it’s contagious,” Nevin said on one his biggest joys being the devCodeCamp Head of Instruction.

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