devCodeCamp Alumni Spotlight: From Super Mom to Super Developer at IBM

“I broke my arm twice, I had two surgeries, my son was quarantined at home like countless times, and I had a dog and a husband and other things in life that I had to do. And those questions of like, ‘How are you going to balance being a mom and working for our company?’ How can it possibly get harder than what just happened? You have no concerns going forward with this with me. Because I not only did this, but I succeeded at it,” devCodeCamp graduate Megan Mandes said speaking on her journey from coding bootcamp to her career in code. And succeeding at it is exactly what she did. Megan now contributes her talents as a developer inside the walls of tech giant IBM full-time.

As a military spouse, Megan found herself moving from place to place to become a commonality. She worked in childcare overseas before realizing that it was time to take her career to the next level. As she searched for a new career path, she focused on finding one that would not only have the extra perks such as high pay and growth, but one she could easily move around with. After being suggested a coding bootcamp from one of her developer friends, she decided to look into it. With her limited past experience in code, she took the dive and ended up “falling in love” with the learning process. By implementing the soft skills she picked up as a teacher and a mother, Megan went through the devCodeCamp online coding bootcamp and walked away as another success story who launched their career in code.

“Try and do everything you can to make it work. Because it was awesome for me. It’s been awesome for pretty much everybody that I still keep in contact with from [devCodeCamp.] It’s awesome, I loved it, it set me up for success and I couldn’t say enough nice things about it,” Megan said admiringly.

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