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4 Skills to Become a Data Analyst in 2022

Data is becoming more valuable. The more there is, the stronger guide it becomes for companies to navigate into the near future based on trends and historical information. All given by data points on websites and applications. In recent times, fully dedicated roles have been built out to maintain, gather, and guide this data properly. These data experts are called data analysts. Companies such as Netflix, Walmart, Spotify, and Nintendo are just a few big tech names that rely on data analysts to track the millions of data points each receive from their products, advertising, and online presence. When this data is correctly guided by a data analyst, companies are able to see instant results that equal more profit, more users, and reach for exciting new goals. In this blog post, we discuss four key skillsets you need to launch your career in data and become a valuable contribution to companies.

4 Skills You Need to Launch a Career as a Data Analyst

1. Data Visualization

Gathering data points is only a portion of what data analysts are responsible for. Packaging the information to be visually more consumable is another crucial skill you need in order to be the most successful you can be in this sort of role. You will become very familiar with line charts, excel sheets, and graphs since they all play a part in easily showing the value in the data gathered. You didn’t need to go to art school to achieve the best-looking data visualization since there’s endless options of programs and applications available to easily compile in a “plug and play” type of environment. But you do need a basic understanding of how to visually show off the data you collected since looking at a colorful bar graph will always be easier to stare at compared to a basic page of numbers.

2. Communication

Communication and presentations are very likely to be a large part of your job as a data analyst. Meeting with team leads and decision makers in your company will become a normal routine for you as you discuss your data research collection. They need to completely understand what the data is, how you got it, and the importance of that specific piece of information. Having strong soft skills of communication is an excellent asset during these particular times you are ready to show off your work. The easier it is for you to communicate the data, the easier it is for those around you to understand it.

3. Attention to Detail

Having an attention to detail isn’t exactly unique for only data analysts. There’s a long list of jobs in every industry where paying close attention to the details is mandatory for success. In technology, breaking large sections down with an analytical mind is key. A developer is able to take this same mentality and pay attention to the details in front of them. This attention is needed for data analysts to have the confidence they need to spot mistakes or incorrect information.

4. Data Analyzing

As obvious as it may come across on the surface…you need data analyzing skills to become a data analyst. Leaning into technology crafted for data, correctly gathering data, knowing what kind of data should have the attention based on what you may be working towards, and leading the charge of paving the path ahead for companies all depend on the data analyst to be completely up to date on industry standards and best practices. The larger the company, the more those requirements play a crucial part.

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