devCodeCamp Alumni Spotlight: Taking Success to New Career Heights

“I was working for a consulting firm at the time and I worked with their digital component as an executive assistant…[I’m] making $50,000 a year. It’s great. I’m like, ‘Yeah. This is awesome. This is a great salary.’ But it was hectic! Completely hectic all the time. I worked with one of the developers on the team…I was really interested in what he was doing and the items they were using. They were going through AWS. They were going through cloud computing. They were going through Salesforce. They were going through all these things and I was, ‘What are these things?!’” devCodeCamp graduate Devin Johnson reflected on what sparked her interest in learning how to code. The rest was history.

Devin is a self-described “Type A” personality and speaking to her for only a few brief moments make that obvious. The dedication she has engrained in her work ethic reveals exactly how this devCodeCamp alumni member has been hitting such exciting new success heights time and time again in her life and career. Her mindset of never settling and understanding the importance of always learning new things landed her facing a new career path as a developer. She asked the developers around her at the time some questions to learn more about the work they did and she never looked back. Setting new high goals for herself to continue achieving greatness at an entirely new level.

“In that moment it was just a reflection of [how] I have to bet on myself…Do I want to sit here and continue doing calendars? Do I want to sit here and continue talking to consultants trying to figure out [how] to let them know that some things aren’t possible but they are looking at you like, ‘Why can’t that possible, I own an AMEX.’ Do I want to keep doing that? And I was like NO! I’m going to bet on myself,” said Johnson.

Devin is another inspiring story to come out of devCodeCamp’s online coding bootcamp. This US Army veteran, mom of two kids, and forward thinker always had what it took to turn a goal into a reality. Through devCodeCamp, she found the pace that fit her energy and set of instructors she enjoyed being around and learning from to grow into the talented developer she is today.

“The moment the we knew it was a laid-back environment to where we could be us, I think everyone kind of felt the same thing…we’re where we belong. The introduction of devCodeCamp really shows you, ‘Hey – We know your background. We know your people. We are your people.’ Because [for] one, veterans exist within devCodeCamp as administration [and] as teachers. And it was cool to feel like we belonged…That’s where my want to stay with devCodeCamp and actually stay with the course was because I could speak my language with everyone. Which was fantastic.”

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