5 Skills You Learn in devCodeCamp’s Coding and Data Bootcamp

Online bootcamps have become a part of the mainstream educational discussion for the last handful of years. The entire model behind bootcamps is appealing to adult students who are ready to change their career paths, but prefer a different approach than the traditional 4-year college degree route. In weeks, these excited individuals come face to face with learning a long list of today’s most used technologies and languages in the tech industry.

During the devCodeCamp programs, students are able to pick up “soft skills” along the way. These additional skills all go back into molding you to become the brightest developer or analyst you can possibly become so you’re most ready to hit the ground running day one of your new professional career. In this blog post, we highlight five skills you can learn in our online bootcamp that can carry with you into your career.

5 Skills You Can Learn at devCodeCamp

1. Relevant Technology

The absolute largest focus in devCodeCamp’s online bootcamp is learning the relevant technologies in the industry you need to launch your career. Our curriculum built in-house have lessons that are designed from the ground up to teach you the most used programming languages and data analytic tools used in giant tech today. As you work through the lesson plans, you will begin to see your progress jump forward and become natural to you in real-time. You’re able to transform yourself from someone who just has an interest in technology to someone able to step into a full-time technology role with confidence.

2. Learn to Learn

If you didn’t know by now, technology is one of the fastest moving industries the world has ever seen. From constant updates being built on yesterday’s exciting tech to brand new life changing inventions being released that raise the bar for an intuitive near future, every day the world around us is changing. Those changes are usually fueled by technology.

As a student of devCodeCamp, one of the skills we focus on starting day one is learning how to learn. This concept is deeply engrained in the technology industry because, simply put, it has to be with so much quickly changing consistently. The learning how to learn mindset will help set you up for the most long-term success in whatever role you are in. It allows you to face the guaranteed industry changes head on to continue to achieve greatness.

3. Become a Great Team Member

In our immersive coding bootcamp courses, you work alongside classmates who are equally as excited and determined to become developers. This shared feeling is usually infectious as the energy in our online courses continues to grow each day as the lightbulb above heads begins to turn on while learning these skills and technologies. Later in the immersive course, you get to experience group projects where you find yourself teaming up directly with your fellow coding bootcamp classmates to tackle projects.

Teamwork is a big part of the tech industry. Even at smaller companies, it’s rare to be the only developer on a team. On the other side of that with massive companies, there could be hundreds of developers all working on similar projects alongside you. Learning how to be a great team member is crucial. Having the ability to share communications, exchange work across teams, and knowing where your role exactly fits in during crunch times are all key points in working the technology industry. Especially on teams of developers and analysts. At devCodeCamp, we understand the value of having a strong team mate by your side, which is why it’s one of our focuses in the live immersive class options we have.

4. Working with Deadlines

Even if the tech field is fast moving, that doesn’t mean the work that falls on your plate is forgiving of that. Deadlines are something you can’t escape and usually one of the most stressful parts of your work week in tech. These deadlines become even more of a challenge when a crucial element of the business needs to be fixed or updated immediately at random. You can almost hear the seconds hand ticking in slow motion on the nearby clock four offices away. Deadlines aren’t the most fun you can have as a developer and analyst, but very likely to become a massive part of your day-to-day in a professional role.

During the bootcamp, you begin to be eased into working under the pressure of deadlines early on. With project due dates, lesson plan completion timeframes, and the infamous final capstone project – deadlines and due dates are obvious parts of these processes in order to continue the needed pace for course completion in time and to help mold you into being the best version of yourself you can be in code and in data.

5. Gain an Analytical Mindset

Having an analytical mindset is one of the only crucial skills that isn’t directly taught during your time in our bootcamp courses. This key skill is something that slowly happens the more you work your way through the classes. Your brain begins to rewire itself and you are able to see a shift in how you approach different scenarios – on and off the screen. You develop an expert sense of critical thinking that plays a massive role in your success.

In coding and data, this analytical mindset helps lay a strong foundation for you across the board. It allows you to shift your focus when needed, visually scan data and code quickly, overcome unexpected hurdles with ease, and change perspectives that may lead you to a solution in your work that could positively change everything. Gaining the soft skills of an analytical mind during our online coding and data analytics bootcamp is a driving factor to your success in the industry long after graduation.

Even if we’ve discussed five skills you learn during your time as a student in devCodeCamp, there’s countless others available at your fingertips. Each plays a unique part in how strong your foundation is while learning code and data. If you are ready to see what devCodeCamp can do for you and your career path in technology, make sure to reach out! Our graduates can be found at major tech companies such as Amazon, Facebook, Oracle, Deloitte, IBM, HubSpot, and many more. Life is too short to hate your job. Why wait?