A Chat with Admissions: How a Student’s Journey Begins

At devCodeCamp’s coding and data analytics online bootcamp, hopeful students get to meet with our Admissions team as one of the first steps in their journey. This team is designed to give in-depth information on our courses offered, speak to you one-on-one to help your specific path get started, and overall allow you to walk away from the interaction feeling confident on your next steps into enrollment. Hannah Chandler is one of devCodeCamp’s Admissions Specialist who offers the knowledge, guidance, and information in these beginning steps. 

“I love working in Admissions because I get that one-on-one interaction with individuals like I get to do each day at devCodeCamp,” Hannah explained speaking on her past roles compared to her current one with devCodeCamp. 

Hannah brings kindness, interest, and intelligence into every conversation she has. Instantly allowing for any expected (or unexpected) nerves going into one of these calls to drift away. Her excitement to hear each person’s story is hard to miss when speaking with her, since she makes it a priority to understand the career goals of each individual on a deeper level. 

“Our primary goal is to help them. To see what their goals and their dreams are. That’s why we’re here. That’s the main priority of our jobs and that’s our goal. So, we want to help you and that is not just about enrolling you. That’s seeing and hearing about your background, hearing about your family, and hearing about what you think you enjoy doing from day to day,” Hannah said detailing what she finds most important during this process. 

To Hannah, she’s personally invested in the success of each of these enrollments. It’s more than a meeting to her because she understands it’s more than a simple meeting to each person speaking with her. The knowledge that devCodeCamp graduates obtain is designed to give them the tools they need to launch their careers in technology, programming, and data analytics. She is one of the unique departments inside the devCodeCamp virtual bootcamp that is able to watch a student’s progress from day one all the way until the end. She treats each meeting with crucial importance because she understands these conversations could be the first step in their lives to a brighter future and career. 

“I really love our students here at devCodeCamp. I think everyone that I have met and enrolled will be incredible alumni. So, I’m proud of that. It’s really exciting to see what they are going to do post-graduation,” Hannah explains with a spark. 

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