Why Recognizing Job Burnout Matters

According to a recent study by Indeed in 2021, 52% of survey respondents say they felt job burnout. In more recent time, the “Great Resignation” workforce movement has been the term pinned to the waves of workers leaving their positions in record numbers. It’s hard to generalize the reasons why this is happening since every person has their varying reasons to leave a job. But with statistics so high year after year with job burnout study percentages, it’s easy to assume it’s a driving factor across the board.

Having a job that gives you unrealistic amounts of stress, feelings of under appreciation in the work you do, and trading in your happiness can affect you long after you clock out for the day. In this blog post, we will discuss three valuable reasons why recognizing you have job burnout is important to your current well-being and future success.

3 Reasons Why Recognizing Job Burnout is Important

1. Your Happiness and Well-being

Maintaining happiness and well-being in a job role is often pushed aside on the list of priorities until it’s too late. Once that line has been crossed after time and those true feelings come to the surface more clearly, it’s difficult to bounce back with ease. Having stress at work may not be too uncommon among yourself and your peers. But you could unknowingly carry that stress with you until it begins to take a toll.

Sacrificing your happiness and well-being is never a fair trade off. That’s why being aware of job burnout as it’s approaching is an important factor in maintaining the things that matter more, such as your mental health.

2. The Quality of Work

Deadlines may start to sneak up faster than they did before, the quality of work you used to pride yourself in is now far behind you, and you no longer get excited seeing your finished workload after an accomplished day. These are all common occurrences whenever you’re experiencing job burnout. It can play a direct factor in the quality of work you do.

This down shift in performance may cause you to be overlooked for potential promotion opportunities, cause low employee yearly review ratings which may affect raises and bonuses, or in some cases even termination. Identifying job burnout could allow you to keep performing at the high caliber you are previously recognized for and see those benefits attached naturally by higher ups and work quality.

3. So You Can Fix It

Understanding you have job burnout may be hard to accept and recognize at first. In a lot of occasions, those around you may end up being the ones to notice a change in your personality and enthusiasm even before you notice the change yourself. Once you realize you show signs of having job burnout then you should do what it takes in order to break away from that rut you may have fallen into.

How to Fix Job Burnout

Correcting feelings of job burnout may introduce challenges along the way. It may happen easily by making minor adjustments in your workday. But in most cases, job burnout is the result of lingering long-term problems that are hard to reverse.

A few ways to fix job burnout:

  • Set clear boundaries between work and personal life
  • Work on more engaging and challenging projects
  • Introduce fitness breaks into your workday to clear your mind and energize you
  • Speak to your manager
  • Work towards exciting new career goals

If you believe your job burnout feelings are overwhelmingly dominate in your daily role, then it may be time to make a larger decision for your career. That decision may be refreshing your resume and searching for a similar role at a new company. That decision could also be making a total change and switching careers entirely to start over new. There are obvious factors that go into that decision if you’ve exhausted all other options for yourself. But the good news is, there’s plenty of fantastic routes you can pursue across many industries that could be the best option for you.

Is It Too Late to Change Careers?

Generally speaking, absolutely not.

There are industries that accept career changers with open arms. One of the largest and most exciting is the technology industry. The tech world offers employees unique opportunities for entry that spread wide. It doesn’t matter what your professional background may be, how old you are, where you are located in the world, or how many years of experience you may have — The main priority in tech is hiring talented individuals who are able to get the job done. If you have the skills to check that main box, then everything else can fall in place for you.

Along with having a wide array of options in the tech industry, it’s also a great route for someone who struggles with job burnout in their current role looking to make a switch. Roles such as developers and data analysis are consistently working on projects that are fresh and exciting. The daily job duties have limited monotonous tasks and allow for analytical minds to shine while overcoming unexpected errors and hurdles.

Life is too short to hate your job. With job burnout affecting so many in the workforce today, understanding your options is valuable. At devCodeCamp, our online coding and data analytics bootcamp courses are designed for adult students to get the skills they need in a handful of weeks to launch their careers in tech. With full-time and flex options, our curriculum is filled with relevant and modern knowledge to maximize your success. We have graduates working in companies such as Facebook, Amazon, HubSpot, Deloitte, IBM, JPMorgan Chase, Rocket Mortgage, and many more. Reach out today to learn more. We are excited to speak with you.