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Why Hire Online Coding and Data Analytics Bootcamp Graduates in 2022

The technology industry has recently seen massive growth rates that show no signs of slowing down. At devCodeCamp, we make it our priority to fill the talent pipeline with talented and excited individuals ready to launch their careers. But what’s in it for you as the employer or recruiter? In this blog post, we will touch on a few ways that your company could directly benefit from hiring a coding and data analytics bootcamp graduate to fill roles in your company right now. 

Reasons to Hire Coding and Data Analytics Bootcamp Graduates

Learn a Large Amount in a Short Time

One of the largest reasons hopeful students pursue devCodeCamp is the timeframe it takes to learn the skills needed to achieve career goals compared to traditional 4-year degrees. But it’s more than getting through the course quickly. There are benefits to the student’s journey practically every step of the way. Continue reading to find out what they are!

Become an Expert Problem Solver

Learning a brand-new skillset such as coding offers plenty of learning curve challenges to overcome. When a developer is starting, error messages and programmer block are to be expected. But just like anything, the more you do something the better you’ll likely become. Any developer at any skill level can vouch — this absolutely applies to coding. 

devCodeCamp graduates are put in situations from the start that shape them into long-term problem solvers. We understand how crucial this is for their success throughout their future careers and allow them to learn the importance of learning how to learn to become an expert problem solver regardless of what unknown may be around the corner on a project they are working on. 

They Are Taught Relevant Languages, Technologies, and Processes Correctly

Our team of instructors play a massive role in each students’ progress through our online courses.

Regardless of which course they decide to go through, we focus on the students being correctly taught today’s relevant languages and technologies used in the industry the correct way while offering them support and motivation through every step. Flex Bootcamp students also get access to our full on-demand video library of past lesson plans and career workshops to help maximize their success along their journey.

Gain Soft Skills Day One

Being the best developer you’re capable of becoming takes more than the ability to write an array of code at a high level. Obtaining soft skills during the student journey gives them the extra advantages to be the most confident while spring boarding into hopeful long careers.

A few soft skills students are likely to learn in devCodeCamp’s online bootcamp:

  • Teamwork
  • Deadlines
  • Cross team communication
  • Analytical mindset


With fast-moving lesson plans packed with real world examples and relevant technology, students are able to take advantage of the natural adaptability it takes in order for success. That adaptability becomes engrained in the way they approach tasks and situations early on and becomes a large part of who they become as a developer or analyst. This makes it easy for graduates to adapt on teams, become good culture fits, tackle hard projects with dedication, and gain an instant commitment to growing with your company and products.

devCodeCamp’s online coding and data analytic bootcamp graduates are not only excited to launch their careers – but confidently ready. To see a constantly updated talent pool of developers and analysis, head over to our online talent directory now!