devCodeCamp’s Career Services Discusses How Companies Benefit from Hiring Bootcamp Graduates

Navigating in today’s current job market isn’t as easy as it once was. Glancing at job postings online can give plenty of insight into how much competition there truly is with often times hundreds of applicants in only a few hours. For larger companies, those numbers can dip into the thousands very often in the same timeframe. The devCodeCamp structure has always been setup for you to start gathering the skills, knowledge, and support system to successfully launch a career beginning on day one as a student. This is where Career Services play such a crucial role in that process. Attending an online coding and data bootcamp to learn the relevant technologies in the industry is only a part of the process. The next step is landing your new job role. In the type of job market today, hurdles are likely. Depending on which devCodeCamp course our students go through, after graduation they meet the team of Paul Jirovetz and Lauren Daly who make up the combined superpower of the devCodeCamp Career Services team.

“Career Services is the next iteration of this transformation from many different backgrounds into developer into, ‘Okay, now that I’m a developer, what do I do next? How do I tell my story? How do I stay engaged? How do I update my LinkedIn? How do I present myself?”…Lauren and myself are the people that are going to be guiding you through that process. And it sounds like an easy process, but it’s not. We don’t want you to be left out on an island where you don’t know what to do next…We’re here to make sure you understand that we’ve had hundreds and hundreds of people be in the situation that you’re in right now [and] become successful,” devCodeCamp’s Senior Business Relations Specialist Paul Jirovetz said when asked for a high-level overview of what exactly the department is designed for.

This same team sat down with us for an earlier podcast episode a handful of months ago to give details into how exactly they play a part in these next steps after graduation leading up to your first day in a career. This time though, the focus was shifted to a topic more relevant than ever – What is the value of hiring devCodeCamp graduates?

“It really impresses companies what these students are able to do. When you think about the program being 12-14 weeks and the fact that most of them are coming in with zero coding experience at all, and they’re coming out of it able to build these functionally efficient apps that are doing various things is really impressive. And to look at their first project and then look at their capstone [project] and the growth in between those two projects, I think it’s amazing,” devCodeCamp’s Business Relations Specialist Lauren Daly said while speaking about the capstone project.

This team is one of the driving forces of knowledge and motivation for graduates in the job search. In this podcast episode, you are able to hear firsthand the combined years of experience and expertise they share as they dive into what helps students land careers after the bootcamp, how companies benefit directly from what our graduates have to offer, the job market today, plus much more.

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