devCodeCamp Alumni Spotlight: Launching a Career on a Flexible Schedule

devCodeCamp’s top priority is the success of our students in every step of the online bootcamp starting on day one. With that main goal constantly in mind, we also understand that students are sometimes unable to replace the valuable time in their lives but want to still pursue exciting new career goals. Because of this, we have designed a flexible course option for students to take advantage of without replacing that important time in your life currently.

Adam Ryback realized he was ready for a career change but was unsure on how he would be able to learn the set of skills needed for that to become a reality before stumbling on devCodeCamp’s online flex bootcamp course options.

“I was like, ‘I want to do this. I know I want to.’ And then it happened to be that option was I could still work full-time. So [I] was like, ‘I could still work full-time. I could still make it happen. This is awesome. This is the perfect fit.’ Because I don’t really think I could have made it happen to take two years off my life or even the three months. Then it’s job hunting after that. So, it was this really nice combination,” Adam recalls.

After enrollment, Adam showed the dedication, excitement, and forward-thinking mentality it takes to succeed in a flexible coding bootcamp. In the end, that hard work paid off and he is now working full-time as a software engineer.

“Is being a working professional developer in technology, is it what you expected going in or is it a little bit different? What was your mentality?” I asked Adam speaking on his current role. “It’s one hundred percent what I was going for. This is the job that I wanted and I ended up in a company, very fortunate[ly], where it’s very much like exactly what I wanted…I couldn’t be more thrilled about that,” Adam said enthusiastically.

In this devCodeCamp Alumni Spotlight interview, you’re able to get a glimpse into our online coding and data analytics flex bootcamp course from a student perspective, hear about the hurdles Adam had to overcome to achieve success in the technology industry, and learn some of the methods a successful graduate applied to stay on track towards triumph.

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