Where Data Scores in Sports

In recent years, more and more companies are leaning into factual data gathered by trends and numbers to guide decisions towards exciting new milestones. In the technology industry, the rise of data analytics goes hand-in-hand since large numbers of data points can become easily trackable across potentially millions of users and visitors of websites, applications, games, and more. Even if data is so closely associated with the technology industry, there are plenty of other fields that can benefit from finding guidance in the numbers. One that may not instantly come to mind? Sports!

In this blog, we will discuss the details of data analytics, how data is used in the sports industry, and how you can turn your love of sports and interest in numbers into a full career.

How Data and Sports Are Great Teammates

What is a Data Analyst?

The role of a data analyst is to properly guide companies into making decisions based off of historically factual data points gathered. These data points could be in the form of how many people visit a specific webpage, how many times an ad is seen, how long users leave an application open, plus a wide net of millions of other options wherever data is able to be tracked and documented. This data is precisely gathered, measured, and presented by dedicated experts knowns as data analyst.

In turn, company decision makers are able to take the informational proof gathered and navigate future plans more confidentially. Long before data analyzing, companies had limited information to use as their guidance. Often times making it very easy to make critically costly moves. But the days of throwing a dart at a decision board are long gone thanks to the work of data analyst. 

How is Data Used in Sports?

Even though data is so closely aligned with the technology industry overall, the methods behind using data can be easily used across a number of industries. Which is where the sports data analyst comes in.

Coaches, playmakers, and team decision makers rely on sports analytics in a number of ways – on and off the field. Coaches depend on sports data to make sure everyone stays on perfect track for improvement. This is done by watching old footage breakdowns, monitoring player statistics, and allows a clear breakdown of the strength and weaknesses teams have overall. Playmakers depend on analytics to make sure they are one step ahead of the competition on the field. Want a guaranteed touchdown in specific scenarios? There’s data on that. Want to know how hard you should hit a baseball when a teammate is on second base? There’s data on that. Need to maneuver the hockey puck trough a tough 3v1 defense line? You guessed it – There’s data on that.

Off the field, compiling analytics offers fantasy sports teams and betting fans big wins. Relying on the data allows for more accurate predictions based off player and team statistics rather than taking a shot in the dark at the outcome.

The Perfect Career for Sports Fans and Analytical Minds

As you’re probably aware, not every person in the sports industry is on the field. The industry is predicted to reach a value of $350 billion dollars worldwide in the next decade. Announcers, marketers, trainers, merchandise handlers, team bus drivers, physical therapist, and arena staff all gather to give a glimpse into this massive industry that collects hundreds of millions of attendees, fans, and watchers every year.

As you know now, the role of sports data analyst plays a crucial role closely with team leaders and decision makers. Regardless of if you’re a fan of a sport, are a star athlete, or simply just think the idea is exciting – Being a sports analyst is truly the perfect career for sports fans and analytical minds.

How to Become a Sports Data Analyst

Simply put…You become a sports data analyst by getting the skillsets you need to accurately gather, measure, and track data. With the correct groundwork laid to become an expert analyst, you have plenty of paths to choose from professionally – Including the sports industry!

Much like the tech industry, the sports industry shows no signs of slowing down. From exciting Sunday playoff games to crowded eSport arenas, sports are heavily engrained in culture and have brought joy to hundreds of millions of homes across generations. Having the expert knowledge to help teams guide into future successes on and off the field can be a massive career opportunity for many years to come.

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