Three MORE Habits of Success

In one of our more recent blog posts, The Five Habits of Success, we outlined five traits to have if you are aiming for success. But as you surely know, success can be defined and achieved in many different ways. Here’s three more habits you should consider picking up if you are aiming for high goals – personally and professionally.

If you missed our first blog on this topic, now is your cue to go catchup. But you don’t have to read that one to learn from this one. Simply just adds extra insight.

3 Habits Successful People Have

1. Positivity

In some cases, it’s easier to be drawn towards the negative thoughts compared to seeing the light shine through in positivity. If you aren’t keeping up with your goals properly, if you are learning at a slower pace than those around you, if you are just having one of those days where every time you get on your feet you feel like you’re knocked back down…BREATHE! Everyone goes through these hurdles every once in a while. We are defined by how we overcome them.

It’s important to lean towards the positive. Even when it may seem impossible for whatever situation you may be in. That positivity keeps fuel in our mental tanks and allows us to keep trekking towards whatever finish line we are attempting to reach. It allows us to keep getting back up when we fail, keeps us motivated, and also reminds us on why we are started in the first place.

2. Organization

This one may not seem as apparent right away when thinking about how to reach success. But it’s a crucial habit that shouldn’t be skipped over. 

Think about organization as guard rails on a steep and windy mountain road. They are that extra layer of protection to make sure your vehicle stays safely where it needs to go. Regardless of harsh weather conditions or unexpected turns, they are always there to help catch your fall. Just in case. 

Organization are the guard rails of life. It gives you a clear guide of your path and is built to keep you on it no matter the circumstances.  

Here are a few tips to stay organized: 

  • Keep a clean work area 
  • Have a calendar (physical or digital) 
  • Allow mobile calendar notifications 
  • Create a vision board 
  • Keep an up-to-date planner 
  • Take notes 
  • Keep plenty of writing utensils nearby 

3. Hard Work

Finally, we want to mention the habit of hard work. When you are aiming for success, then working hard to achieve the goals you have goes hand in hand. The secret is maintaining that momentum. Even when things get tough, you must always remember to keep strongly pushing through. Along your journey to success there will be plenty of unexpected struggles. Keep working hard to overcome them and to prove you have what it takes to reach the rewards you have in mind. Sometimes you need to make sacrifices, work extra-long hours, and put yourself through the discomfort of learning in order to achieve greatness.

Through it all, remember one very important thing: If it was easy, then everyone would do it.