Defining the devCodeCamp Support System With a Smile

Once traditional introductions are out of the way, the first question is asked: “Are you often inspired by what students are doing?”

devCodeCamp instructor Pascal Pascarella has made himself known as a friendly and intelligent teacher to the students who cross paths with him along their journey. His calm demeanor and approachable personality makes it easy for anyone to fall back on the strong support system in place whenever they are stuck, have questions, and ready to learn. That helps define great instructors and Pascal has clearly made that part of his professional mission as a teacher to the next generation of exciting developers and analyst.

“Oh goodness yes,” Pascal replies with a confident smile. “There’s so many, especially these backend geniuses that come through. In different stacks, they approach some of these solutions in the most unique ways. Things that maybe they pieced together throughout their time here or in a collaboration environment this act of Genesis just happened. It’s really cool to see.”

As our conversation together continued, Pascal gave a glimpse into what to expect from him as an instructor. From telling stories of his personal path from amateur to professional, discussing details surrounding the devCodeCamp course options, and giving advice to the next set of eager students coming up – one thing is clear…Pascal loves what he does.

We hope you enjoy another thought-provoking episode of the devCodeCamp Podcast! This episode, plus all past ones, are available to listen on your favorite podcast platform and watch on our YouTube channel.