A Chat with Admissions: What Matters Most to the Team

When it comes to what matters the most to our Admission Specialist Meghann Venturini, one word can define it all: YOU!

Meghann is one of the first points of contacts you may have when speaking with devCodeCamp. The Admissions team is the first place you land in your student journey, regardless of if you are ready to sign up right then and there or just hoping to get more information. This team is ready to arm you with the most knowledge and support possible when you need it most. Each specialist understands that you are about to take a huge step in your life and they approach each conversation with the proper care and time you deserve.

“For those that are coming in with no experience, when you start throwing out technical terms like ‘Python, JavaScript..’ [or] whatever it might be, they get scared and they think they can’t do it. And that’s not the case. What we really try to connect with them is let them know that our student are real people. They’re facing the same types of battles and struggles as them sitting in the information session today. We just want them to understand that they can do this, too. We are going to lead them down the path to be successful and we’re gonna support them along the entire journey,” Meghann answered when asked about what these potential students are able to walk away with in these starting meetings.

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