devCodeCamp Alumni Spotlight: The Value of Taking Advantage of What’s Offered

If you’ve seen one of our past Alumni Spotlights, then you know the general concept of the series: We speak to devCodeCamp coding and data analytics bootcamp graduates who have an interesting story, have launched a successful career in tech, or someone who has valuable insight that can help others – Joshua Berrios checks all three boxes.

Almost one year ago, Joshua entered devCodeCamp hoping to take his previous knowledge to the next level in order to launch a career. Today, he is a working UI/UX Developer and a walking example of someone who took full advantage of the perks at devCodeCamp while he was a student.

“Ask questions. Enough questions. Don’t just keep things to yourself. No question is a stupid question. And one of the things that I really love about the way that devCodeCamp had it structured, with the Slack channels, they always tell you, ‘Hey…Use your instructor chat. Drop it down there. Raise your hand.’ And then you would say, ‘Hey, I got a question –,’ ‘I got an answer,’ they would say. That, in the simplest way, is what I would encourage potential students of devCodeCamp to do. Don’t judge a book by its cover. Because you never know what treasure you’re going to find when you open that treasure chest. And devCodeCamp has been a blessing in my life and for my family as a whole.”

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