Our Mission

devCodeCamp is revolutionizing the way individuals can go about learning software development. Our process takes just months rather than several years. It works because the student is immersed in a project-based environment that begins with short and focused lectures that are relevant to building applications instead of just theory. We look for dedicated people with a positive attitude toward learning and a drive to improve their career.

Our students come from all walks of life. They are career switchers, college grads and dropouts, those needing a career upgrade, veterans of our armed forces, professionals needing to bolt-on coding skills and entrepreneurs.

Our Mission

We are revolutionizing the way someone goes about learning software engineering: in months instead of years and in project-based learning instead of just theory. We take dedicated people with a positive attitude toward learning and a drive to improve their career and train them to become effective professionals in the growing tech industry.

Bootcamps Are Producing
Amazing Results Nationwide

  • $67,000

    *Average Starting Salary

  • 82%

    *% Employed

  • $24,000

    *Salary Lift

  • 8.8/10

    *Average Satisfaction

“In under 150 days I went from a retail manager to a Business Intelligence Developer at a very respected company, excellent pay, and fantastic benefits all because of devCodeCamp. At a traditional school this would be impossible and much more expensive.”

Chris Balleto – MGIC

“I certainly wasn’t the top of my class, but with effort and time, I was able to learn and became a Junior Software Developer. At the end of the program, I was put in touch with contacts at many companies around the area and got a great jump start to landing the perfect job for me.”

Tait Jorgensen – Northwestern Mutual

“devCodeCamp has easily been the most enjoyable education experience I’ve ever had. The coursework is relevant to the job market, the lectures are informative but not overbearing, and the instructors are amazing.”

Elliott Soemadi – Brady Corporation

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