You don’t need prior experience to start. devCodeCamp was designed for beginners. You might have dabbled with coding or tried to teach yourself to code. Our bootcamps start with providing everyone the necessary fundamentals and foundation to be successful. Your bootcamp is immersive and fast-paced, covering a great deal of material in a short amount of time.

Our students come from all walks of life including; college students, college grads, musicians, food service, engineers, trade workers, and even a pilot. Regardless of backgrounds, everyone shared the common goal of really wanting to learn to code.

From the beginning of the program, students are taught how to think like a Software Engineer, working on real-world projects in a collaborative environment constructed to replicate a real-world software development environment. Don’t be afraid to bring your own project ideas with you to create something you are passionate about. If you don’t have an idea, don’t worry that’s what we are here to help you with.

Typically the first step in the application process is attending an online info session. During the virtual information session, you will learn about the industry, day in the life of a developer, bootcamp curriculum, what to expect while attending devCodeCamp and after completing the program. This is also an opportunity for us to learn more about you.

Tuition: $12,900 Full Stack Development Flex Bootcamp
Tuition: $12,900 Data Analytics Flex Bootcamp
Tuition: $12,900 UX/UI Flex Bootcamp
Tuition: $17,800 Software Development Bootcamp

devCodeCamp accepts cash, check, or major credit cards. If a credit card is used 3.0% processing fee is added to your total. If that’s not an option, you can check with two companies that offer loans to bootcamp students: Ascent Funding and Climb Credit. devCodeCamp is not affiliated with and does not provide loans through the U.S. Dept. of Education, Title IV student aid, or FAFSA.

Students are required to provide their own laptops. MAC or PC The laptop must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • At least 100GB of free space
  • At least a 13-inch screen
  • At least 8GB of RAM
  • 2.5 GHz quad-core processor equivalent of the 3rd generation i5 or better
  • A solid-state drive is recommended for the full-time program but not necessary
  • Windows 10 or macOS
  • Must have at least one free USB port
  • Must have at least one HDMI port or converter.

Don’t worry, we are strongly opposed to removing students if they fall behind or need extra help. Instead, our instructors are ready to provide extra help and mentoring. We understand that learning consists of doing, falling down and failing, and then picking ourselves back up.

We work with you in various ways. That might include helping to create your resume, organize your job search, preparing you for your job and technical interviews, and providing you with constructive feedback after the interview. It’s important that you finish your entire portfolio of projects during your devCodeCamp. Your portfolio provides potential employers an opportunity to see what you are capable of building. You’re free to interview on your own should you choose. There’s no obligation to interview with devCodeCamp’s Hiring Network of employers if that’s the route you choose.

Yes, because a four-year college program may not be right for everyone. However, devCodeCamp wants to be clear that there’s value in degree programs and that boot camps and degrees offer totally different learning. What each individual needs to weigh in their own situation and goals. devCodeCamp does offer an excellent ROI for its graduates that in terms of cost and time. Those that attend devCodeCamp have had masters, bachelors, and associates degrees, some college as well as those who only hold a high school diploma or GED. Our point is it’s not just about which education credential you hold, but rather what you’re capable of learning, your motivation, and persistence.

How Do I Pay for devCodeCamp? Investing In Yourself.

Pay Upfront

Paying upfront is the most cost-effective method of taking care of tuition. Paying your tuition directly provides the best ROI.

Check or Credit Card
A loan from your credit union or bank.

Loan Options

Finance your tuition with a private student loan from Ascent Funding or Climb Credit. devCodeCamp has no financial relationship with any lending institution as to recommend one over the other. We recommend you check your various options if you need/require a loan for tuition.

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