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devCodeCamp Alumni and Success Story Dan McManus Live Online Coding Bootcamp

Dan McManus

Software Engineer | Milwaukee Tool

“Four years ago I completed devCodeCamp. I came in with zero coding experience, today I can actually say I love what I do.”

What Do You Need? Not What You Think.

Whether you are seeking your first job or are switching careers, you will be joining other like-minded people that have the same desire as you in breaking into the software development field. Our students have varied previous coding experience before beginning devCodeCamp in that the majority have done zero coding and then there are those on the other end of the scale that comes with a Computer Science degree. What they had…

Positive Attitude Toward Learning

One of the most important parts of becoming a professional developer is having a positive attitude towards learning. This holds true for growth at devCodeCamp as well as on the job. Employers get excited when developers are passionate about broadening their horizons by learning new technologies.

A Desire To Be Challenged

Personal growth will come from facing and conquering challenges daily. The desire to be challenged will lead to many opportunities to build an expanding skill set.


Daniel Ramirez Full Stack Engineer

Full Stack Engineer – VMware
Los Angeles, CA

Daniel Ramirez

devCodeCamp Alumni

Jaime Alvarez Software Engineer

Software Engineer – Rocket Mortgage
Chicago, IL

Jaime Alvarez

devCodeCamp Alumni

Online Coding Bootcamp Alumni Success Alex Hardy devCodeCamp

Alex Hardy

Software Developer | Syndigo

“I came in with virtually no coding experience, had a great time, did better than I thought, and got a job within a month of graduating. It may turn out to be the best investment I have made in my life.”


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