Full-Stack Flex Coding Bootcamp Program

Our fully online Python DevOps self-paced full-stack development bootcamp program has been crafted from the ground up to ensure your success. We’ve learned from every experience to make sure the curriculum you’re engaging is industry relevant and designed to help you become an incredible problem solver.

All you need to do is show up, roll up your sleeves, and put in the hard work.

Andrew Witmer

Shasta Union, Full-Stack Developer

2023 Flex program graduate

Python DevOps Flex Self-Paced Program


Python is a popular programming language that opens the door to endless possibilities when it comes to building applications. You will dive into more intermediate concepts, including object-oriented programming, inheritance, data structures, error handling, UML class diagrams, and testing.

Django & API’s

Django is a fast and scalable Python web framework that allows you to take what you learned in the previous modules and apply it to building a backend web server for your full-stack apps. You will learn about virtual environments, querying in Django, API architecture and development best practices,


JavaScript is a popular programming language that plays an important role in full stack development, specifically in the front-end. It allows for making websites interactive for users and visualizing analyzed data that is easy to consume. You will learn functional programming, higher order array methods, callbacks, and how to write code efficiently.


React.js is a popular JavaScript library for building beautiful user interfaces and client-side applications. You will learn about components, React Hooks, how to take in user input with forms, how to route users with React router, how to make HTTP requests with Axios, how to authenticate with JSON Web Token, and how to connect the back-end APIs you built in Django with your React front-end applications.


Relational databases, including how to design a database using an entity-relationship diagram, how to create, normalize, and navigate a database, how to structure data efficiently, and how to query data, is what this module is all about. You will learn how to map and move data from application to database and from database to application.


Learning and getting experience with the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) is what takes someone from a junior developer to a mid-level developer. Learn about DevOps and where it fits with the SDLC, how to construct a deployment environment, how to build CI/CD pipelines, how to set up a testing environment, and how to deploy an application with AWS and Docker.

The devCodeCamp Difference

Our Bootcamps cost less while delivering the same quality as other bootcamps that charge between $14-$17K. Our method is to keep our costs low and make it affordable for our students. Just a simple shopping cart to make your purchase. By eliminating an expensive admission staff, rental space, and large marketing budgets we instead offer a comprehensive website to allow you to make the right choice for you. Our FAQs section is the deep dive you need to do your research. Plus both our Flex programs offer a 5-day 100% money-back guarantee!

AI Enabled.

The AI Revolution is here, and we couldn’t be more excited about what it means for the future of software development.

Artificial Intelligence-Driven Development

AI is here to stay, and it’s already changing software and web development in dramatic ways. We embrace Artificial Intelligence and have incorporated Prompt Engineering into our curriculum. Students are using these tools to generate code whether we want them to or not – so our philosophy is to teach the responsible use of generative AI to make sure that it gives maximum value without becoming a crutch that deteriorates problem solving skills.

ChatGPT is our main tool of choice, and you’ll learn the fundamentals of prompting, including input data, output indicators, and the different types of prompts. This is a hugely valuable skill that is applicable to all types of knowledge work like content creation, marketing, accounting, legal, and a host of other professions!

Benefits To You

  • Our experienced educators, developers, and content creators combined to build a curriculum that is loaded with learning materials designed to teach modern technologies and equip you with relevant skills you need to get a job as a developer. What we teach in the virtual classroom is what you will see in the world of professional development.

  • The best way to gain the skills you need to be job-ready is through hands-on experience focusing on various skills that you’ll learn through relevant projects. You will put together a portfolio of real-world projects that will showcase what you learned and know.

  • Each student’s final project is an individual capstone in which you bring an idea you have for an app to life in the form of a full-stack application that the world can see. It is an opportunity to get more familiar with the tools you have learned, push yourself to great heights, implement the software development lifecycle, and showcase your abilities to be a professional developer.

  • Students taking the self-paced program can ask questions via chat from the full-time instructional staff. Instructors are available daily to answer your questions and provide guidance. If needed they are here to support you as you progress through the program.

  • Tons of support and a great community of users

Why devCodeCamp?

Our biggest advantage is our size. We keep each cohort size small to make sure you get the engagement and support you need. No logging on to a call with 100s of students and feeling like another tile on the Zoom wall.


Years of Experience


Companies That Hired Grads


Average Cohort Size

Ultimately, the goal of learning to code is to enter the workforce. Real projects prepare you for the challenges and expectations of a professional environment, making you more job-ready.

Check out this short video of devCodeCamp Graduate Tyler Letendre presenting his 10-day capstone project. What will you build?

  • Real Projects
  • Real Skills
  • Real Jobs
devCodeCamp Graduate Eli Rosett

Tyler Letendre

Salesforce Developer – AllCare Plus Pharmacy devCodeCamp Graduate 2021

How Does It Work?

Spend time exploring the website, checking out our resources, and researching your options.

Apply to the program and cohort start of your choosing to kick off the enrollment process!

Pay the program tuition directly or secure funding through private loan providers such as your bank.

Once your funding has cleared, begin pre-program coursework to prepare for the start of your classes!

Our Flex Python DevOps Program

We offer a fully online, self-paced full-stack bootcamp that flexes around your schedule, so you can upskill and level up your career!

Self-Paced Python DevOps

Tuition: $2,885

  • 26 weeks of access to course materials and instruction support
  • Minimum weekly time commitment: 15 hours
  • Recorded lectures, demos, and hands-on projects

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