Transition Strong

Become a Software Engineer

Use Your G.I. Bill® + devCodeCamp's Free Housing

devCodeCamp is an immersive 12–week Bootcamp. No previous coding experience is required. Become prepared to enter the workforce as a junior software engineer.

Our in-house veteran representatives are knowledgeable in walking you through our admissions process and properly applying for your GI benefits to cover 100% of your tuition and your monthly living stipend. 

Approximately 25% of devCodecamp students are veterans and have come from 24 States.


Transition Strong

Use Your GI Bill® Education Benefits Plus devCodeCamp offers Free Housing

Learn to Code and Become a Software Engineer

devCodeCamp is an immersive 12–week Bootcamp that takes individuals with no previous coding experience and prepares them to enter the workforce as a junior software engineer.

Speak with our in-house veteran representatives who are knowledgeable in walking veterans through our admissions process and properly applying for your GI benefits to cover 100% of your tuition.

30% of our students are veterans. As you would expect Wisconsin veterans attend devCodeCamp, but so have veterans from 23 other States.

We supply a shared furnished apartment and you keep your BHA/MHA expense benefits. Check with our in-house SCO to see what you qualify for.

No Cost Housing

Many of our veterans come from all around the United States.  devCodeCamp supplies a shared furnished apartment to those that need it.

Veterans can keep their BHA/MHA for each of the three months of the Program. When you to talk to our SCO you can determine what your BHA/MHA benefit would be.

Live at no extra cost while getting away and focusing on the task at hand which is learning to code at a professional level with like-minded people.

The picture to the left is representative of our apartments. Apartments are approximately a 2 years old and furnished, just bring sheets and your clothes. You’ll be located in the same building as devCodeCamp and just an elevator ride away.

“The free housing was a significant factor in my decision because not only did it allow me to have a place to stay as an out-of-state student, it also meant that I would be close to the campus and constantly immersed in the course.”

– Luke Fleuri

“The free housing is a huge bonus for me since I lived in Texas, I didn’t have to worry about finding a place to rent for 3 months while I’m here. Took a lot of the weight off my shoulders, so that I can focus on the classes.”

– Joe White

“The housing option was the biggest thing for me. Being free for such a nice living space provides me the ability to be here from out of State, and to be able to focus on this course without any outside distractions.”

– Robert Shawn Smidt

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  • Both Veterans and their dependents may utilize their benefits for devCodeCamp’s bootcamp. Students can receive any education benefit offered through the GI Bill® which includes the following:

    • Post-9/11 GI Bill® (Ch. 33) Including Housing Benefits, Learn more…
    • Montgomery GI Bill® (Ch. 30)
    • Select Reserve GI Bill® (Ch. 1606)
    • REAP GI Bill® (Ch. 1607)
    • Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (VR&E)
    • Dependents Educational Assistance (DEA) (Ch. 35)
  • Check your eligibility. You will need to obtain a copy of your Certificate of Eligibility (COE). In lieu of your COE, you can access your enrollment status information here. You will need to provide this to devCodeCamp.

  • First-time veteran and active duty applicants complete VA Form 22-1990 Application for VA Educational Benefits

  • If you have received VA benefits at another school you will need to complete VA Form 22-1995 Request for Change of Program or Place of Training.

  • If you have more questions or you are having difficulty accessing your VA Benefits you can contact the G.I. Bill® Hotline: 888-442-4551 and  use our VA Facility Code of 2-5-0004-49. Our local SCO, Wendy can be reached at 414-533-0639.

Ex-soldiers enlist in ‘boot-camp’ again – this time, to learn software coding

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel – March 23, 2018

Joel Corey helped clear roads of bombs in Afghanistan’s Helmand Province, a job skill not easily translatable into the civilian workforce back home.

But what made Corey a good soldier — hard work, tenacity, loyalty, problem solving…

Veterans Benefit from Next-Generation Tech Training & Jobs

“Despite the shortage of developers and programmers companies rage about, finding a job even with a degree is extremely challenging without the skillsets or experience desired by each specific company. Through devCodeCamp I was able to hone already learned skills, learn best practices, and gain experience in technologies I never would have touched in an academic environment, but are common practice in today’s industry.”

Stephen McDonnell, US Air Force Radar Airfield and Weather Systems Supervisor   – Software Engineer | Badger Meter

“At devCodeCamp you are provided with a great knowledge of coding as a foundation to go forth and learn any other language or create more applications. I was able to find a job quickly, jump starting my career as a software engineer.”

Deja Ameringer, US Army Military Police – Associate Engineer | Northwestern Mutual