Transition Strong

Yes, You Can Gain the Skills Needed in Just 12 Weeks to Gain Entry Into the Field as a Jr. Software Engineer

Use Your G.I. Bill® + devCodeCamp's Free Housing

devCodeCamp is an immersive 12–week Bootcamp. No previous coding experience is required. Become prepared to enter the workforce as a junior software engineer.

Our in-house veteran representative (SCO) are knowledgeable in walking you through our admissions process and properly applying for your GI benefits to cover 100% of your tuition and your monthly living stipend. 



Transition Strong

Use Your GI Bill® Education Benefits Plus devCodeCamp offers Free Housing

Learn to Code and Become a Software Engineer

devCodeCamp is an immersive 12–week Bootcamp that takes individuals with no previous coding experience and prepares them to enter the workforce as a junior software engineer.

Speak with our in-house veteran representatives who are knowledgeable in walking veterans through our admissions process and properly applying for your GI benefits to cover 100% of your tuition.

30% of our students are veterans. As you would expect Wisconsin veterans attend devCodeCamp, but so have veterans from 23 other States.

We supply a shared furnished apartment and you keep your BHA/MHA expense benefits. Check with our in-house SCO to see what you qualify for.

No Cost Housing

Many of our veterans come from all around the United States.  devCodeCamp supplies a shared furnished apartment to those that need it.

Veterans can keep their BHA/MHA for each of the three months of the Program. When you to talk to our SCO you can determine what your BHA/MHA benefit would be.

Live at no extra cost while getting away and focusing on the task at hand which is learning to code at a professional level with like-minded people.

The picture to the left is representative of our apartments. Apartments are approximately a 1-2 years old and furnished, just bring (or have sent) sheets and your clothes. You’ll be located in the same building as devCodeCamp and just an elevator ride away.

“The free housing was a significant factor in my decision because not only did it allow me to have a place to stay as an out-of-state student, it also meant that I would be close to the campus and constantly immersed in the course.”

– Luke Fleuri

“The free housing is a huge bonus for me since I lived in Texas, I didn’t have to worry about finding a place to rent for 3 months while I’m here. Took a lot of the weight off my shoulders, so that I can focus on the classes.”

– Joe White

“The housing option was the biggest thing for me. Being free for such a nice living space provides me the ability to be here from out of State, and to be able to focus on this course without any outside distractions.”

– Robert Shawn Smidt

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  • Both Veterans and their dependents may utilize their benefits for devCodeCamp’s bootcamp. Students can receive any education benefit offered through the GI Bill® which includes the following:

    • Post-9/11 GI Bill® (Ch. 33) Including Housing Benefits, Learn more…
    • Montgomery GI Bill® (Ch. 30)
    • Select Reserve GI Bill® (Ch. 1606)
    • REAP GI Bill® (Ch. 1607)
    • Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (VR&E)
    • Dependents Educational Assistance (DEA) (Ch. 35)
  • Check your eligibility. You will need to obtain a copy of your Certificate of Eligibility (COE). In lieu of your COE, you can access your enrollment status information here. You will need to provide this to devCodeCamp.

  • First-time veteran and active duty applicants complete VA Form 22-1990 Application for VA Educational Benefits

  • If you have received VA benefits at another school you will need to complete VA Form 22-1995 Request for Change of Program or Place of Training.

  • If you have more questions or you are having difficulty accessing your VA Benefits you can contact the G.I. Bill® Hotline: 888-442-4551 and  use our VA Facility Code of 2-5-0004-49. Our local SCO, Wendy can be reached at 414-533-0639.

Ex-soldiers enlist in ‘boot-camp’ again – this time, to learn software coding

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel – March 23, 2018

Joel Corey helped clear roads of bombs in Afghanistan’s Helmand Province, a job skill not easily translatable into the civilian workforce back home.

But what made Corey a good soldier — hard work, tenacity, loyalty, problem solving…

Veterans Benefit from Next-Generation Tech Training & Jobs

“Despite the shortage of developers and programmers companies rage about, finding a job even with a degree is extremely challenging without the skillsets or experience desired by each specific company. Through devCodeCamp I was able to hone already learned skills, learn best practices, and gain experience in technologies I never would have touched in an academic environment, but are common practice in today’s industry.”

Stephen McDonnell, US Air Force Radar Airfield and Weather Systems Supervisor   – Software Engineer | Badger Meter

“At devCodeCamp you are provided with a great knowledge of coding as a foundation to go forth and learn any other language or create more applications. I was able to find a job quickly, jump starting my career as a software engineer.”

Deja Ameringer, US Army Military Police – Associate Engineer | Northwestern Mutual